I am an illustrator living in South Jersey wilderness about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia with my magical muppet creature, witch's familiar dog, Laika. I love fantasy, magic, sci fi, space, navel gazing, autobiographical comics, introspection, and researching new topics. I enjoy making work that reflects and studies the human condition, human emotions, and human connection.

When I'm not drawing I can be found reading comics, looking at the stars, watching an absurd amount of curly hair care youtube videos, playing video games, watching anime and various other animated series/movies, daydreaming, dressing almost daily in casual space witch cosplay, snuggling my pup, writing, having outdoor adventures, obsessing over all of the wrong or strange things I've said over the years (especially before falling asleep), drinking too much iced coffee, and eating copious amounts of bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches.

Published Work:

Dirty Diamonds, Being, #9, "Change", Artist & Writer, 2018, 4 pages

Cthulhu is Hard to Spell, "Song for the Harbinger", Artist, 2018, 4 pages

Dirty Diamonds, Sex, #8, "Asexuciety", Artist, September 2017, 4 pages

Clients include:

The Lily (Published by the Washington Post), DotDash, Verywell, The Balance, The Spruce, ThoughtCo, Wannabe Press, Dirty Diamonds, The Comic Book Store NJ, Passyunkpag, Milwaukee Magazine, Cred Magazine


Women Who Draw, Directory, 2017

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